Pretty Good Race Directions

Getting There: The race starts and finishes under the Panther Hollow Bridge just past the equipment barns that are behind and below Phipps Conservatory. Cross the street where Frew bottoms out at the CMU end of Schenley Bridge (the other Panther Hollow Bridge) and go straight down the road, and you will see these barns. (You can also get to the starting line by going down the stairs near the Visitor Center.)

The Course: Run down the hill and curve to the right, then left up the long hill until you reach a bridge that crosses the ravine. This bridge curves to the right, then a short left up to a parklet. Make a sharp right turn to the trail that goes along the ridge. Follow this more or less down hill until you go under Panther Hollow Bridge again, climb up to a point just about level to the playground (on your left). That is the turnaround point. Retrace your steps to the start. Note that you never cross a road.

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Duane T. Williams