1993 Results

Yuri Smirnov won the men's division for the second straight year, cutting nearly three minutes of last year's time and an incredible 57 seconds off the course record. Congratulations to the new Pretty Good Race record holder!

Susan Hinrichs made it three in a row with her women's division win.

In the third year of team competition, new powers arose in a very close finish. Computer Systems edged Theory by just two points, Corey Kosak's second place overall pacing the hardware guys. Two points behind Theory was Robotics, which edged AI by one point. Last year's champion Programming Systems slipped to fifth while SEI dropped to sixth from first two years ago and fourth last year.

The number of runners was down by 10 from the average, the perfect weather scaring away several potential entrants, plus a desire not to be last in the non-existent queue for food at the TG.

Team Scores:

1. Computer Systems (Kosak, Zagha, Webb scoring)	26 points
2. Theory (Smirnov, Gremban, Vempala)			28 points
3. Robotics (Willson, Webb, Thorpe)			30 points
4. AI (de Silva, Miller, Chrisman)			31 points
5. Programming Systems					38 
6. SEI							42
7. Bubble Sort						O(n^2)

Individual results:


1.  Yuri Smirnov		Theory			16.03
2.  Corey Kosak			CS			20.37
3.  Reg Willson			Robotics		20.50
4.  Marius Minea		Prog. Sys		20.53
5.  Ray Williams		SEI			20.58
6.  Rujith de Silva		AI			21.24
7.  Marco Zagha			CS			22.00
8.  Brian Zill			Bubble Sort		22.00
9.  Keith Gremban		Theory			22.16
10. Anurag Acharya		Prog. Sys.		22.22
11. Todd Webb			MSE/RI			22.28
12. Craig Miller		AI			22.40
13. Lonnie Chrisman		AI			23.33
14. Dirk Kalp			Bubble Sort		23.45
15. Gene Bounds			SEI			23.50
16. Chuck Thorpe		Robotics		23.55
17. Jon Webb			CS			24.00
18. Santosh Vempala		Theory			24.08
19. Masaru Tomita		AI			24.24-
20. Jeff Mahill			Undergrad		24.24-
21. Susan Hinrichs		CS			24.37
22. Larry Druffel		SEI			24.37
23. Richard Goodwin		AI			25.01
24. Girija Narlikar		PS/CS			26.55
25. Julie Groff			MI			31.08-
26. John Pollock		MI			31.08-

(Results originally posted to cmu.cs.general by James Tomayko.)