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Note: in adding news articles to the following list, we do not favour one side (pro- or anti-Narconon) over the other; if there seem to be a lot of unfavourable articles, that is because there have been a lot of unfavourable articles printed.

We have also included a small number of articles focusing on Scientology's Purification Rundown - as the direct equivalent of Narconon's detoxification course, many of the issues and concerns are basically the same.

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18 March Evening News (Edinburgh, UK) Scientology-link group is banned
16 April Associated Press (US) $1.2M to help 9/11 workers breathe easy
30 April Kent and Sussex Courier (UK) Fears at intention of lecture on drugs
28 May Orange County Register (California, US) Residents contend drug, alcohol treatment center not a good neighbor
9 June San Francisco Chronicle (California, US) Scientology link to public schools - As early as the third grade, students in S.F. and elsewhere are subtly introduced to church's concepts via anti-drug teachings
9 June San Francisco Chronicle (California, US) What Narconon tells students
10 June San Francisco Chronicle (California, US) Schools put drug program on notice - S.F. tells lecturers linked to Scientology to fix inaccuracies
12 June San Francisco Chronicle (California, US) Letters to the Editor: Schools drug program
13 June San Francisco Chronicle (California, US) Letters to the Editor: Scientology and schools
16 June San Francisco Chronicle (California, US) Letters to the Editor: Narconon responds
17 June San Francisco Chronicle (California, US) Probe of antidrug program ordered - State schools chief says he could bar Narconon teachings
20 June San Francisco Chronicle (California, US) Common sense prevails

16 January Battle Creek Enquirer (Michigan, US) Stone Hawk rehabilitation ready to open
11 February Associated Press (US) Nevada lawmaker promotes prison program with Scientology link
12 February Associated Press (US) Nevada Assemblywoman reveals trip sponsor
15 February Las Vegas Review-Journal (Nevada, US) Scientology rehab: Guinn's office not interested
18 February Las Vegas Review-Journal (Nevada, US) Quest for anti-drug program dies
7 March Kent and Sussex Courier (UK) Letters: Be Careful Of Leaflets On Drugs
12 March Montel Williams Show (US) Kelly Preston: A Mother's Crusade
30 March St. Petersburg Times (Florida, US) Detox center seeks acceptance
8 April Agence France Presse Le Conseil de l'Europe s'inquiete de l'influence de la scientologie en sonsein
9 April Central Coast Express (Australia) Centre's special recipe
13 April St. Petersburg Times (Florida, US) Letters: Tax dollars should not go to Narconon
15 April St. Petersburg Times (Florida, US) Letters: Seeing success fighting addiction
18 April St. Petersburg Times (Florida, US) Letters: Recent articles disturb an active Scientologist
2 May Journal Record Legislative Report (Oklahoma, US) House rejects commending drug treatment center with Scientology ties
3 May Tulsa World (Oklahoma, US) House nixes honor for substance-abuse facility
18 May Sunday Tribune (Ireland) Politicians slammed over support for scientology scheme
31 May San Diego Union-Tribune (California, US) Substance abuse center opens today
1 June Battle Creek Enquirer (Michigan, US) Center celebrates new starts
7 July South African Press Association New Avenue For SA Addicts To Come Clean
30 October Battle Creek Enquirer (Michigan, US) Work progresses on rehab center
30 September Manila Bulletin (Philippines) Narconon to train Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency
4 October The Associated Press (US) Firefighters seek treatment recommended by Scientologist
4 October New York Times (US) Scientologist's Treatments Lure Firefighters
2 November Daily News (New York, US) Critics leary of fire fund's Cruise plan
3 November Los Angeles Times (California, US) Rehab Facility Draws Gripes
5 November Vancouver Sun (Canada) Letter: Proven programs for troubled youth are desperate for funds
5 November Albuquerque Journal (New Mexico) Drug Abusers May Be Sentenced to Sauna
14 November Mountain Democrat (US) Scientology drug rehab program claims 80% success rate
5 December Peeblesshire News (UK) Charity's helping hand to rebuild addicts' lives
13 December Daily News (New York, US) Bravest taking the Cruise cure

8 February Times of India (India) Cocaine Takes City On A New High
18 February Tages-Anzeiger (Zurich, Switzerland) Scientologists "exploit drug problems as recruitment lure"
19 February Barre Montpelier Times Argus (US) Letter to the Editor: Taking control of the problem
20 February Times of India (India) Beat Addiction By Sweating It Out: Expert
9 March Lancaster Intelligencer Journal (US) Former city man found guilty of heroin possession
12 April The Pakistan Newswire (Pakistan) 40 people die of drug abuse in a day in Karachi
6 May Battle Creek Enquirer (Michigan, US) Detox center's future at stake
17 May Lancaster New Era (Pennsylvania, US) Drug rehab earns break for felon
?? June Carroll Star News (Georgia, US) Public meeting to be held to consider proposed new drug rehab center
3 June

The Teacher (South Africa)

7 June Carroll Star News (Georgia, US) Letter to the Editor
9 June Carroll Star News (Georgia, US) The "P" Stands for Prima Donna
19 July Battle Creek Enquirer (Michigan, US) Rehab center nears opening
26 July Battle Creek Enquirer (Michigan, US) Letter to the Editor
24 August Philippine Star (Philippines) Got to believe in the magic of a drug-free world
30 August New Mexico Business Weekly (US) PNM Foundation awards $57K in grants to nonprofit programs
28 August Albuquerque Journal (New Mexico, US) Drug Prevention Group Gets PNM Grant for Schools
28 August Idaho Statesman (US) Letter to the Editor: Treatment program
16 September Idaho Statesman (US) Letter to the Editor: Drug treatment
24 September McAlester News-Capital & Democrat (Oklahoma, US) Narconon celebrates one year at Arrowhead
28 September Fort Pierce Tribune (Florida, US) Letter to the Editor: Scientology Story Wrong
11 October La Repubblica (Italy) Melendugno investigating the mysterious death at Narconon
19 October San Diego Union-Tribune (California, US) Panel OKs drug rehab center; foes may appeal
30 October The Pakistan Newswire (Pakistan) Seminar on "no to drugs yes to life"
21 November San Diego Union-Tribune (California, US) Prison drug program to be studied; Female legislators bound for Ensenada
8 December The Mirror (Ireland) Scientologists bid to recruit students
12 December San Diego Union-Tribune (California, US) Supervisors approve 30-resident Narconon treatment center
21 December St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Missouri, US) Letter to the Editor: Drug-Treatment Program Is Successful

1 January Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients (US) Chemical Contamination & Human Detoxification
4 January Chicago Daily Herald (Illinois, US) Fence Post: Narconon
17 January Newcastle Herald (Australia) Letter to the Editor: A drugs plan that works
1 February New Times Los Angeles (California, US) Letter to the Editor: Bad science...
17 February Associated Press (US) Drug treatment center opens in former resort
20 February New York Times (US) Bush's Call to Church Groups To Get Untraditional Replies
22 February San Francisco Chronicle (California, US) Faith-Based Welfare Puzzles Televangelist
24 February Wisconsin State Journal (US) Letter to the Editor: Scientology benefits literacy, rehabilitation
27 February De Telegraaf (Netherlands) Narconon refused state subsidy
?? March Kent & East Sussex Courier and Sevenoaks Chronicle (UK) Armed robber stole to pay for drug treatment
1 March The Guardian (UK) Spot the difference
2 March The Hartford Courant (Connecticut, US) Letter to the Editor: Religious Charities Must Be Funded On Merit
5 March The Oregonian (Oregon, US) Letter to the Editor: Scientology Ready For Effort
7 March Chicago Sun-Times (Illinois, US) Letter to the Editor: People helping people
8 March New Times Los Angeles (California, US) Letter to the Editor: A Fan Defends Narconon
23 March The Atlanta Journal & Constitution (Georgia US) Scientologist programs deliver positive results
1 April The Deseret News (Utah, US) Letter to the Editor: Scientology programs help
25 April Lancaster Intelligencer Journal (US) Letter to the Editor: Church programs keep people off drugs
29 April Burlington Free Press (US) Letter to the Editor: Some programs work
17 May Barre Montpelier Times Argus (US) Letter to the Editor: Another treatment
14 June The Mirror (UK) Tom Cruise Sect Preys On Drugs Prisoners
27 June "Klarspråk", Sveriges Radio P1 (Sweden) Radio debate on Narconon with Ass. Prof. Mats Fridell
1 July Daily Oklahoman (US) Controversial drug treatment center moving
13 July Die Rheinpfalz (Germany) In the background: Scientology under cover of drugs
3 August Washington Times (US) Letters to the Editor: 'Workability' good standard for faith-based initiative
17 August Evening Mail (Birmingham, UK) Church attacks Scientology 'cult'
17 August Tulsa World (US) Drug rehab center opens Saturday at Arrowhead
17 August Associated Press (US) Drug treatment center opens in former resort
19 August Sunday Oklahoman (US) Rehabilitation center moves to Lake Eufaula
29 August Chicago Daily Herald (US) Fence Post: Truth is best defense against drug abuse
31 August Evening Standard (London, UK) Mayor bans Scientology rally
8 September Christian Herald (UK) Cult is a danger
18 September
Daily Oklahoman (US)
15 October This is Gloucestershire (UK) Scientology link denied by group
15 October Badger Herald (US)
Rural teens found to use drugs most frequently, Columbia U. researchers say
15 October Daily Oklahoman (US) Tom Cruise's visit to state spurs security alert at plant
12 November Daily Oklahoman (US) Tribes seek new tenant for school
12 November Associated Press (US) Tribal leaders trying to find use for empty Chilocco school building
15 November Phoenix New Times (Arizona, US) Lock Up, Rub Down: State lawmakers push dubious Mexican drug rehab program

17 May Associated Press (US) Scientologists buying Arrowhead Lodge
17 May Daily Oklahoman (US) Arrowhead Lodge bought by Narconon; Some residents oppose drug treatment center
10 June Saturday Oklahoman (US) Foes of drug rehab center take battle to state level; Arrowhead trustees write to health official
11 June Tulsa World (US) Homeowners fight against lodge change
13 June Daily Oklahoman (US) State reaffirms rehabilitation center; Arrowhead neighbors denied public hearing
14 July Tulsa World (US) Lodging is affirmed for rehab
24 July Canberra Times (Australia) Letters: Drug withdrawal can be painless
13 August Sunday Star-Times (Auckland, New Zealand) Murder after 51 days on parole
16 September Tages-Anzeiger (Zurich, Switzerland) Scientology horse pills for drug withdrawal
20 December Chicago Daily Herald (US) Letters: Better drug education


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