Synergistic Activities

Invited Presentations

Keynote speaker for e-Learning Korea 2018, Seoul, South Korea, “Classroom Orchestration: How Innovation and Artificial Intelligence are Impacting Education and Teaching“,  September 14, 2018  [  See announcement  ]  [  Watch the keynote presentation  ]

Invited talk - Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María,  Valparaíso, Chile,  “Addressing the Challenges of Education in a Technological World: How Learning Science is Leading the Way”,  December 26, 2017   [  See announcement  ]

Invited talk - East China Normal University (ECNU), Shanghai, China,  “Learning with Educational Games and Educational Technology Education at Carnegie Mellon University ”,  March, 2017   [  See announcement  ]

Keynote speaker at the 24th International Conference on Computers in Education IIT, Bombay India, “Learning With Educational Games: Is it Just Hype or Supported by Evidence?“ Nov 30, 2016  [  See announcement  ]  [  Watch the keynote presentation ]

Invited talk - Texas A&M,  “How the Networked World, Our Understanding of Collaborative Learning, and Advanced Technology are Converging for New Learning Opportunities.”,  November 12, 2014,  Watch the invited talk

Invited Speaker – Wiley Faculty Network – Talks on adaptive educational technology and collaborative learning technology

Keynote Speaker – 5th International Conference on Computer Supported Education (CSEDU 2013)  Aachen, Germany “The Educational Software Gold Rush: How the Learning Sciences and Advanced Technology Can Lead the Way”, May 2013. Watch the keynote presentation

Invited talk - University of Sydney, School of Information Technologies, Basser Seminar Series. Sydney, Australia “Supporting Collaborative Learning and E-Discussions Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques”, April 3, 2013

Invited talk - University of Canterbury, Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering Symposium Lecture. Christchurch, New Zealand “Supporting Collaborative Learning and E-Discussions Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques”, March 20, 2013

Invited talk - Millersville University's Department of Computer Science Fall 2012 Symposium Lecture. Millersville, Pennsylvania “The Educational Software Gold Rush: How Can the Learning Sciences Help?”, November 26, 2012

CSCL-2009 symposium “The Assistance Dilemma in CSCL", Rhodes, Greece, June 2009. Talk titled "Adapting Assistance to the Student(s): Preliminary Ideas from Individual and Collaborative Computer-Supported Learning Contexts”

Kaleidoscope Symposium on Technology-Enhanced Learning, Oberhausen, Germany, July 2005. Talk titled “The Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center: Learning Studies and Technology in Actual Classroom Settings” (Contact: Dr. Andreas Harrer)

Intelligent  Automation Incorporated, Rockville, Maryland, May 2003. (Contact: Dr. Jackie Haynes)

GE Research, Albany, New York, February 2003. (Contact: Dr. Bill Cheetham)

Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland, February 2003.

The Fraunhofer Institute, Berlin, Germany, February 2003. (Contact: Dr. Thomas Gordon)

University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland, February 2003. (Contact: Dr. John Zeleznikow)

University of Ulm, Ulm, Germany, September 1999.

Participation with Academic Organizations, Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, and Journals

President - International Artificial Intelligence in Education Society (Vote in December 2015, for the years 2017-2019)

Conference Co-Chair of the 20th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED 2019), to take place in Chicago, Illinois in June 2019.

Conference Co-Chair of the 19th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED 2018). London, England, June 2018.

Program Co-Chair of the 10th International Conference on Computer Supported Education (CSEDU 2018). Madeira, Portugal, March 2018.

Conference Chair of the 9th International Conference on Computer Supported Education (CSEDU 2017). Porto, Portugal, April 2017.

Honorary Conference Chair of the 8th International Conference on Computer Supported Education (CSEDU 2016). Rome, Italy, April 2016.

As of 2015, on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education (IJAIED)

Elected to the Executive Committee of the International Artificial Intelligence in Education Society (IAIED Executive Committee) in October 2011, for a six-year term, 2012-2017.

Conference Co-Chair of the 7th International Conference on Educational Data Mining (EDM-2014). London, England, July 2014.

Co-Chair, Poster Organization of the16th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED 2013), Memphis, July 2013.

Co-Chair, Local Organization of Intelligent Tutoring Systems 2010 (ITS-2010), Pittsburgh, June 2010.

Chair, Workshops for the Fifth International Conference on Electronic Commerce (ICEC 2003), Pittsburgh, PA - October 1-3, 2003.

Journal and Book Editorships:

Co-Organizer of the following workshops and seminars:

  • Workshop: "Intelligent Support for Exploratory Environments: Exploring, Collaborating, and Learning Together"  Part of ITS 2012, Crete, Greece, June, 2012. (Co-Organizers: Toby Dragon, Manolis Mavrikis, Sergio Gutiérrez Santos)
  • Seminar on Technology-Enhanced Learning for Mathematics and Science (TELMAS): Landmark Research and New Contributions.  Part of EC-TEL 2011, Palermo, Italy, September 21, 2011. (Co-Organizers: Sergey Sosnovsky, Christoph Igel,  Joerg Siekmann)
  • Workshop: "CSCL Argumentation Systems:  How Do Empirical Results and Emerging Technologies Inform System Development?"  Part of CSCL 2009, Rhodes, Greece, June, 2009. (Co-Organizers: Niels Pinkwart, Oliver Scheuer, Frank Loll)

On the program committee and/or reviewer for the following conferences and workshops:

  • AIED-2015 (Senior program member), AIED-2013 (Senior program member), LAK-2013, CSEDU-2013, EDM-2012,  Workshop "Intelligent Support for Learning in Groups" (ITS-2012), AIED-2011, CSCL-2011,  FLAIRS-2009 Special Track on Artificial Intelligence Education,  AIED-2009,  EDM-2008,  FLAIRS-2008 Special Track on Intelligent Tutoring Systems,  Workshop on Intelligent Tutoring Systems in Ill-Defined Domains (ITS-2008),  AIED-2007,  ECCBR-2006,  IJCAI-2005,  ICCBR-2005,  Second Workshop on Agent-based Computing for Enterprise Collaboration (ACEC),  ECCBR-2004,  ICCBR-2003,  AAAI-2002 Workshop on Agent-Based Technologies for B2B E-Commerce,  ICCBR-2001