The Plaid Programming Language

OOPSLA 2011 Talk Slides

NEW: see the Game of Life written in Plaid. The source is available.

Plaid is a radical new programming language designed for the nascent age of concurrent, component-based computing (overview document). You can try out Plaid at our Web Terminal. Plaid's characteristics include:

We hope to innovate in other areas as well, including better language support for distributed and web programming, new verification approaches that leverage Plaid's permissions, and better language support for common software framework designs.

Plaid-related publications include:

We are also working on a draft specification for the dynamically typed core of Plaid.

Two recent presentations covering the Plaid language design are:

One more publication just for fun (SIGBOVIK is an April Fool's conference):

We are currently looking for new Ph.D. students to work on the Plaid project. Please apply to the CMU Ph.D. program in Software Engineering or Computer Science (I advise students in both programs).

Research projects are also available for CMU undergraduate and masters students. Contact Jonathan Aldrich if you are interested.

The Plaid project is supported by NSF grant #CCF-1116907, Foundations of Permission-Based Object-Oriented Languages.