Salon Task Models   

There are two types of Salons. The discussion salons and comprehension salons. You will be able to designate a salon as discussion or comprhension and change it anytime. Each mode gives a unique set of tools to conduct salon activities and measure student contribution.

Discussion Salons: Ideal for areas where interpretation, discussion and discourse are more important to capture. Discussion salons encourage "deep" discussions and use analytics to understand which threads are more active. The goal in these salons is to find active threads and get more student participation. You can also reward students for initiating thoughtful threads.

Comprehension Salons: Ideal for areas where comprehension is important. For example we may expect a chemistry student to be able to correctly describe the meaning of a concept and demonstrate how to apply it. This may indicate a comprehension level for the student. Using tag based annotations and filters you can discover conceptual (mis)understandings of course content. This is ideal for conducting flipped classes as one can design pre-class activities to encourage active engagement. If you are interested, sign up for the course that teaches you how to use analytics to drive flipped instructions.

Self-Organized Learning Networks   

One of the most new and innovative features is the ability for each student to select their own network. Students simply go to salon page and choose other members they want to most frequently interact with. As students visit, documents and videos with annotations, now they have the ability to their network comments (choose from dropdown menu) and just focus on those interactions. Students can choose their own networks or follow system recommendations based on some of the innovative research done at Princeton University.

PDF Integration   

Starting Fall 2014, you will be able to upload your PDF files into salon. You can provide regional annotations on PDF and most filters and other features will still be functional. Stay tuned for more information.

Local Instructor Prompts   

As the salon owner/instructor, now you have the ability to just highlight a text or video frame and add a comment and designate that comment as a "local prompt". Local prompts are a great way to get students to pay attention to important parts of the text or video. Local prompts are "reusable" and you can carry them from semester to semester (with tags and global prompts) as part of your annotated collection.

Measure Student Intangibles   

We are working on improving student feedback by providing intangibles such as effort, helpfulness, thought leadership and consistency based lots of salon data points combined with sophisticated text analysis. Prior studies done as part of the Gates Foundation funded projects have shown that these indicators are strongly correlated to students final grade in class. Students now will be able to see where they stand in the course every time they log into classroom salon.