Salon is Research Based   

Classroom Salon was showcased as part of Simon initiative at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). CMU boasts some of latest research in learning sciences including pioneering work in intelligent tutoring systems. Salon and many other learning sciences project in the Simon initiative are data driven learning projects. Classroom Salon is also supported by generous grants from Gates Foundation (under next generation learning innovations), National Science Foundation, Heinz Endowment, Innovation works, Carnegie Tech among many other donors. Carefully designed scientific research has shown that consistent use of Classroom Salon increases student performance by at least one grade. The results are verified by scientists from ISTE(International Society for Technology in Education). Many links to research studies are available here


A Socially-Centric Blended Learning Model for At Risk Youths in an Urban Institution

Bringing Social Media to the Writing Classroom: Classroom Salon

Exploring Self-Organizing Learning Groups in an Online Learning Platform: Classroom Salon

Evidence of a Collective intelligence factor in the performance in human groups