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Salon has over 20,000 users and 2100+ salons. Schools, Colleges and Universities from around the world has adopted classroom Salon. Some of the widely used areas of Salon include courses in English, Biology, Chemistry, Political Science, Computer Science, Psychology, Mathematics, Physics nursing education.Listen to how other educators use Classroom Salon.

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Prof. Markus Kreuzer
Villanova University

Prof. Chris Ralston
Grinnell College

Prof. Miles McCrimmon
Jay Sergant Reynolds Community College

Mr. Rick Malmstrom
The Ellis School

Mr. Norton Gusky
Technology Broker

Prof. Elina Colunga
University of Colorado

Beth Anderson
Computer Resource Teacher

Prof. Markus Kreuzer
Political Science

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Salon in Spanish
viviendo en espanol

Salon, Blackboard and Wiki's
Prof. Miles McCrimmon

Prof. McCrimmon

Salon in Physics
Nicole Avon, Mars Area High School