What Salon Improves   

Classroom Salon(CS) improves many aspects of your course. Using creative interfaces, workflows and algorithms, CS provides a unique tool to set, teach and assess your course. Salon is built using latest research on humanities and computer science. Many scientists and humanists have contributed to its growth. Classroom Salon research is conducted at some of the top universities of the world including Carnegie Mellon and Princeton University. Here are some of the core advantages of using salon.

Effective Student Communication


Students typically communicate using blogs, emails and other means. All of them are missing the "context" of their posts. Salon captures the context through creative annotations so communication is in the context making it easy to communicate

Aggregated Annotation Visualization


Salon aggregates all student annotations and presents hotspots of key content pieces, video and audio frames to help visualize key places in the content that needs attention. These visualizations can be used for flipped classes and other creative pedagogies

Social Collaboration


We learn best by observing what others do an not do. Salon allows students to build rich social discussions about content w/o losing their context and allow plenty of opportunities to learn from others

Self-organizing networks


Salon allows students to select, follow and communicate with their own self-organized networks. These networks are effective in establishing trusted networks within salon.

Driven by Analytics


Salon provides more granular analytics than any other platform. It can find “hotspots” for discussions, video frames for more comprehension. These analytics are generated from novel algorithms developed at top universities of the world.

instructor benefits

Design pedagogical activities as you see fit using salon toolkit

Ways to use Salon