Aarti Singh

Associate Professor

A. Nico Habermann Faculty Chair 2013-2016
Machine Learning Department
Carnegie Mellon University


Note for Prospective students: I can only advise students who have been admitted to the School of Computer Science at CMU. The admissions are decided by a separate committee. I cannot evaluate your chances of being admitted or working with me prior to the admissions committee decision. If you have been admitted to CMU and would like to work with me, please send me an email with your CV and briefly describe your research interests. I do not offer summer internships.

PhD students:

Jayanth Koushik
co-advised with Mike Tarr

Ivan Stelmakh
co-advised with Nihar Shah

Stefani Karp

Ojash Neopane
co-advised with Aaditya Ramdas

Yusha Liu

YJ Choe

Masters students:

Ari Fiorino


PhD students:
Yichong Xu, Researcher - MSR
Simon Du, Faculty - UWashington
Yining Wang, Faculty - UFlorida
Martin Azizyan
Aaditya Ramdas, Faculty - CMU
Akshay Krishnamuthy, Researcher - MSR
James Sharpnack, Faculty - UC Davis

Gautam Dasarathy, Faculty - ASU

MS students:
Xueying Ding, CMU Research Associate
Sungjun Choi, Nvidia
Aparna Joshi, Apple
Hariank Muthakana, Abnormal Security
Vivek Nangia, JP Morgan
YJ Choe, PhD joint Stat-ML CMU
Chiqun Zhang, PhD CEE CMU
Jayanth Koushik, PhD PNC CMU
Tianshu Ren, Facebook

Undergrad students:
Hanqi Sun, NVIDIA
Vivek Nangia, MS MLD CMU
David Isenberg, Litbit
Jong Hyuk (Jay) Park, Research assistant CMU
Madeleine Clute, Google
Tongbo Huang, Pinterest