Contact Information

aramdas [at@] cs [dot.] cmu [samedot.] edu
Office: 8223 Gates (CMU), Pittsburgh

Research Interests

Statistical, Computational & Algorithmic Learning Theory (active learning, high-dimensional statistics, convex optimization)

PhD Courses (Credit/Audit/TA)

Advanced Probability (Lei, S'14, C)
Advanced Optimization (Sra, Smola, S'14, A) Advanced Statistical Theory (Genovese, F'13, C)
Optimization (Tibshirani, Poczos, F'13, TA)
Advanced Data Analysis (Cosma, S'13, A)
Optimization (Gordon, Tibshirani, F'12, TA)
Info Processing & Learning (Aarti, S'12, C)
Learning Theory (Avrim, S'12, C)
Advanced Probability (Hanneke, S'12, A)
Data Mining & Databases (Faloutsos, F'11, C)
Stat Modeling (Tibshirani, Kass, F'11, C)
Spectral Graph Theory (Miller, F'11, A)
Statistical ML (Larry, Aarti, S'11, C)
Randomized Algos (Avrim, Anupam, S'11, C)
Game Theory (Seidenfeld, S'11, A)
Machine Learning (Aarti, F'10, C)
Intermediate Statistics (Larry, F'10, C)
Comp Bio Modeling (Durand, Schwartz, F'10, A)

Surveys, Reports, Talks

ML Proj: Fine-Art Paintings Genre Classification (R)
IPL Proj: CS, Group Testing, Matrix Completion (S)
MLT Proj: Random Intro To Random Projections (S)
Stat ML Proj : Online Learning Theory (S)
DM Proj : Graph Similarity, Subgraph Matching (R)
Rand Algos Proj : QIP = PSPACE (S)
SML Tutorial : Intro To Online Learning (T)
SML Tutorial : Calibrated Forecasting (T)
BTech Thesis : Halting of Linear Programs (R)
BTech Seminar : Mining Unstructured Info (S)
INRIA Intern : Landmark-based Dim Reduction (R)
LaBRI Intern : Verification of Timed Automata (R)

Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Optimal Stochastic Convex Optimization under Tsybakov Noise Condition (ICML '13)
    (A.R., Aarti Singh)
  2. Algorithmic Connections Between Active Learning and Stochastic Convex Optimization (ALT '13)
    (A.R., Aarti Singh)
  3. Margins, Kernels and Non-linear Smoothed Perceptrons (ICML '14)
    (A.R., Javier Pena)
  4. An Analysis of Active Learning with Uniform Feature Noise (AISTATS '14)
    (A.R., Aarti Singh, Larry Wasserman, Barnabas Poczos)

Refereed Publications

  1. Exploring the Intersection of Active Learning and Stochastic Convex Optimization
    (A.R., Aarti Singh, GlobalSIP '13)
  2. Unifying Stohcastic Convex Optimization and Active Learning
    (A.R., Aarti Singh, OPT workshop, NIPS '13)

In Submission

  1. Regularized Brain Reading with Shrinkage and Smoothing
    (Leila Wehbe, A.R., Rebecca Steorts, Cosma Shalizi)
  2. Towards A Deeper Geometric, Analytic and Algorithmic Understanding of Margins
    (A.R., Javier Pena)
  3. Predicting Brain Activity during Story Processing
    (Leila Wehbe, Brian Murphy, Partha Talukdar, Alona Fyshe, A.R., Tom Mitchell)

Educational Background

PhD, Statistics & Machine Learning (2013-?) - (Carnegie Mellon University) CMU, Pittsburgh, USA
MS, Machine Learning (2010-12)
        CGPA 4.04 (scale of 4; A+ = 4.33)
        Awarded Doug Beeferman Fellowship (2013-14)
        Advisors: Larry Wasserman and Aarti Singh
BTech, Computer Science (2009) - (Indian Institute of Technology) IIT Bombay, India
        CGPA 9.44 (scale of 10; A+ = A = 10), CS Department Rank 3, IITB Institute Rank 9
        Inlaks Full Scholarship for 3 years for best all-round student (1 student in batch of 600)
Senior High, Science (2005)
        CBSE 97.4% All India Rank 10, IIT-JEE All India Rank 47, AIEEE All India Rank 10
        Invited by Indian Prime Minster's Office to view Republic Day Parade from PM's box

Work Experience

Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK (Summer '12)
        Connecting Statistical Inference and Logical Inference
Tower Research Capital, Gurgaon-New York ('09-'10)
        High-frequency Algorithmic Trading Strategies (Options, Futures)
Deutsche Bank, Bombay, India (Summer '09)
        Statistical Pricing for Index-based ETF Derivative Trading
INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis, France (Summer '08)
        Algorithms for Landmark-based Dimensionality Reduction
LaBRI, Bordeaux, France (Summer '07)
        Algorithms for Abstraction and Verification of Timed Automata

Past Extra-Curriculars

Represented the Oman International cricket team in U-13 Gulf Cup, Kuwait and U-15 Asia Cup, UAE
Received the Duke of Edinburgh International Award for Young People (Bronze and Silver)
Selected to attend a UN World Youth Summit, represented India, Oman at youth camps/conferences
Journalist for IITB English newsletter from freshman year and co-founder of the IITB Campus Radio
Served as Hostel-3 Sports Secy., CS Dept Sports Coordinator, Institute Secy. for Academic Affairs
Served as Google Campus Ambassador, CS Dept Batch Rep. and Institute CS-Placement Rep.
Represented the IITB cricket team from freshman year, and Hostel-3 in 7 sports (3 Sports Colours)
Awarded IITB Institute Cultural Citation and Hostel-3 Cultural Citation (5 out of 1000 graduating)
Won over 30 literary/speaking/debating/quizzing intercollegiate and interhostel events
Completed 26-day Mountaineering, 7-day Basic PADI Scuba-Diving and AFF-A skydiving courses
Completed an ironman, half-ironman, marathons, a 5-day 500km bike trip, and several multi-night hikes