Jeff Schneider

Research Professor
The Robotics Institute
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University

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  • Current Postdocs:

    Ramina Ghods (RI)

    Current PhD students:

    Ian Char (MLD)
    Viraj Mehta (RI)
    Conor Igoe (MLD)
    Adam Villaflor (RI)
    Brian Yang (RI)
    Arundhati Bannerjee (MLD)
    Yeeho Song (RI)
    Ben Freed (RI)

    Current MS students:

    Swapnil Pande (RI)
    Zhe Huang (RI)
    Divam Gupta (RI)
    Nikhil Bakshi (RI)

    Prospective PhD students

    I consider new PhD students most years. All PhD admissions in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon are done through a centralized admissions committee. Matching to specific labs and advisors is done after you arrive here to begin your studies. It is helpful of course to mention your interest in working in the Auton Lab in your research statement. You can find the application and other advice at