Machine Learning

10-701/15-781, Fall 2010

Aarti Singh

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Date Time Place Topic Handouts
Sept 9 5-6 pm NSH 3305 Probability Review Slides
Sept 16 5-6 pm NSH 1507 Linear Algebra and MATLAB Review Slides
Sept 23 5-6 pm NSH 1507 MLE vs. MAP, Multinomial Distributions, Decision Boundaries, Naive Bayes vs. Logistic Regression Notes
Sept 30 5-6 pm NSH 1507 Least Squares, Ridge Regression, Histogram, Non-convexity of L0 penalty, and KDE simulation Notes,  KNN asymptotics
Oct 7th 5-6 pm NSH 1507 Decision Tree with multiple levels, Decision Tree with continuous input values, Quad decision Tree, Model selection, AIC and BIC Slides
Oct 14th 5-6 pm NSH 3305 SVM, Midterm review Slides
Oct 21st No recitation
Nov 4th 5-6 pm GHC 6115 Learning Theory Slides
Nov 11th 5-6 pm NSH 1507 Bayesian Net (D-Seperation) & BN Inference Slides
Nov 18th 5-6 pm NSH 3305 Bayesian Networks: Variable Elimination, Learning CPDs and Graph Structure Notes
Dec 3rd 5-6 pm HH B103 PCA and Spectral Clustering Notes