Machine Learning

10-701/15-781, Fall 2010

Aarti Singh

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Homework 1 pdf, solutions, code, Due: Mon, Sept 27 in Class, Score distribution

Homework 2 pdf, src, solutions, Due: Wed, Oct 13 in Class, Score distribution

Homework 3 pdf, src, solutions, Due: Mon, Nov 1 in Class, Score distribution

Homework 4 pdf, src, solutions, Due: Mon, Nov 15 in Class, Score distribution

Homework 5 pdf, dataset, src, solutions, Due: Tues, Dec 7 by 10:30 am in Michelle's office (GHC 8001)

Note - We might reuse problem set questions from previous years, covered by papers and webpages, we expect the students not to copy, refer to, or look at the solutions in preparing their answers. Since this is a graduate class, we expect students to want to learn and not google for answers.

Collaboration policy - Homeworks must be done individually. Each student must hand in their own answers. In addition, each student must write their own code in the programming part of the assignment. It is acceptable, however, for students to collaborate in figuring out answers and helping each other solve the problems. We will be assuming that, as participants in a graduate course, you will be taking the responsibility to make sure you personally understand the solution to any work arising from such a collaboration.

Late homework policy -
  • You will be allowed 2 total late days (48 hrs) without penalty for the entire semester. You may be late by 1 day (24 hrs) on two different homeworks or late by 2 days (48 hrs) on one homework. Once those days are used, you will be penalized according to the following policy:
    • Homework is worth full credit at the beginning of class on the due date.
    • It is worth half credit for the next 48 hours.
    • It is worth zero credit after that.
  • You must turn in at least n-1 of the n homeworks, even if for zero credit, in order to pass the course.
  • Turn in hardcopies of all late homework assignments to Michelle Martin. Put down the date and time of submission on the HW sheets when submitting your assignments to Michelle. If she is not available, please slide your HW under her door. Software needs to be submitted via blackboard, in addition to a printout of the code which should be submitted with the assignment.