'Real vs. Fake' Scene

This scene demonstrates comparisons between real and fake fruits, real and fake flowers and full-fat milk and skim milk. Can you guess which are real and which are fake? Which is full-fat milk and which is skim milk? Real and fake materials exhibit different amounts of translucencies. Also, skimmed milk is more translucent as compared to full-fat milk. Click on images for high-resolution versions.

Depth Recovery

Depth Map using multiple focal planes (Section 5.1).
Depth Map using two focal planes (Section 5.2).
Depth Map using one focal planes [23]. More translucent a material is, more the bias in the recovered depths using this method. For example, the right glass contains the more translucent skimmed milk - resulting in a larger bias. Similarly, the right lemon is real and more translucent than the fake lemon. Our techniques account for global illumination to produce the correct depths maps.

Direct-Global Separation

Separation using multiple focal planes (Section 6.1).

Direct Component

Global Component