Appearance Analysis

Human Poses
David Marr inspired hierarchical model of part mixtures is used to sample natural looking human poses. The model is learned from a human image dataset and can be used to estimate human pose from a single test image.
Vineyard management
Imaging and measurement of crop and canopy in vineyards.
Bone Reconstruction
We present a novel technique to reconstruct the surface of the bone by applying shape-from-shading to a sequence of endoscopic images, with partial boundary in each image.
Surface Normal Clustering
Scene points can be clustered according to their surface normals, even when the geometry, material and lighting are all unknown.
Novel Depth Cues
In this paper, we analyze what kinds of depth cues are possible under uncalibrated near point lighting.
Photometric Invariants
We derive a new class of photometric invariants that can be used for a variety of vision tasks including lighting invariant material segmentation, change detection and tracking, as well as material invariant shape recognition.