The Bots

Vehicles must be completely self-contained. Neither the course nor its environment may be modified to assist vehicles during the race.

A vehicle may have sensors, on-board computers and control systems, on-board motors, on-board power sources or power collectors, and brakes. Size and weight is not restricted except for the requirement that vehicles must be able to pass through the 18-inch square gates (see below).

Animals (except primates) may be used to assist with vehicle control as long as such use is humane (does not harm the animal in any way) and conforms with applicable University regulations.

While the Mobot Committee reserves the right to hold the race as scheduled in any weather, we do not intend to race in extreme weather conditions (torrential downpour, foot-deep snow, 10 below zero, etc). Vehicles should be sufficiently protected (water resistant) to permit racing in light drizzle or similar conditions on wet pavement. Considerations should also be given to variables in wind speed throughout the race.

The race officials reserve the right to inspect entries to assure they conform to the letter and spirit of these rules and restrictions.