Assignments, lecture slides, and other handouts

Note to individuals outside Carnegie Mellon: We are happy to distribute these course materials to you for any purpose you choose. However, we ask that you please notify us before using them for anything other than personal reasons, and that you give credit to the course staff in any redistribution.

Lecture slides

The default format for the lecture slides is an online multipage presentation. This is great for online viewing, but inconvenient if you want to print an entire lecture. If you want to print the slides, click on either the Powerpoint format (which you can read and print with Microsoft Powerpoint 7.0 if you're on a Windows PC) or the PDF format (which you can read and print with the Acrobat Reader 3.0, which is already installed on all Andrew platforms).

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Homework assignments

These handouts are in Postscript format, which you can either send directly to a printer with the lpr command, or you can view with Ghostview. You can also look at the LaTeX source. (If you're using a PC, you may want to check out the LaTeX browser plug-in from IBM.)

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Quizzes and tests

Review material


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