Sandstorm is Red Team's veteran racer.

Sandstorm ran a perfect race, and finished the 132 -mile course within 2 minutes of its plan. It was steady in the flatland, and impressive through the mountains. The machine had plenty more speed than its conservative strategy unleashed on race day. Sandstorm is a robot with great ability, reliability, history and character.

Sandstorm was a surprising 2nd, because its strategy was to creep for a reliable finish, and only the winner beat its pace. Sandstorm was sent forth with a conservative plan, understanding that it would operate well below its peak abilities. Sandstorm was right on the leader's tail.

Sandstorm began life as a 1986 model 998 HMMWV (High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle). Automotive upgrades include a fresh engine and suspension. Shock isolation softens the ride for computers and sensors.

Drive-by-wire modifications control the acceleration, braking and shifting of the vehicle. Communication between these modules is accomplished through TTP. Positive emergency braking is pneumatically released with a home-built design. Steering actuation incorporates actuators from HD Systems.

The most visible configuration elements are sensors aboard an actuated gimbal platform positioned atop the shock-isolated enclosure. Sandstorm carries vision, radar, laser and GPS sensors which are externally mounted. The three-layer mounting provides the advantages of active stabilization that rides atop passive mechanical isolation that rides above the vehicle suspension.