11.14.2005 Now that the first race for autonomously driven vehicles has been won, attention turns to applications
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

10.14.2005 Pratt grads employ design skills in robotics challenge
The Chronicle

10.13.2005 TTTech: Both Red Team Vehicles in the Top 3 at the DARPA Race

10.11.2005 Red Team falls to its own offspring
The Tartan

10.11.2005 Stanford robot beats CMU in desert race
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

10.09.2005 Stanford tops CMU duo in robotic road race
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

10.09.2005 Sandstorm and H1ghlander Go the Distance
Red Team Racing

10.08.2005 Robots Contend
New York Times

10.07.2005 Robots take the wheel in desert race

10.07.2005 Robots Compete For $2 Million DARPA Prize
Information Week

10.06.2005 CMU robots off to desert challenge
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

10.06.2005 DARPA Grand Challenge Finalists Announced

10.06.2005 CarSim(TM) Helps Race Team Find Its Way on Robotic Race Course
PR News Wire

10.05.2005 Racing Robtos

10.05.2005 Racers, Start Your Software, and May the Best Robot Win

10.05.2005 20 teams to enter $2 million robot race in Mojave

10.05.2005 Carnegie Mellon to Start From the Pole in $2M Desert Race on Saturday
Red Team Racing

10.03.2005 H1ghlander Rules
Red Team Racing

10.03.2005 Sandstorm Runs Hot
Red Team Racing

10.02.2005 H1ghlander Speaks
Red Team Racing

10.02.2005 Sandstorm Hits a Homer as Latest Qualifier Throws a Curve
Red Team Racing

10.01.2005 Sandstorm Aces Second Qualifier
Red Team Racing

09.30.2005 CMU robot Hummers finish qualifying runs
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

09.30.2005 H1ghlander Aces Second Qualifier
Red Team Racing

09.29.2005 Robots on their own in race
Seattle Times

09.29.2005 Sandstorm Runs First Qualifier
Red Team Racing

09.29.2005 DARPA Grand Challenge update #1: Qualification day 1 results
Tom's Hardware

09.28.2005 H1ghlander Completes First Qualifier
Red Team Racing

09.28.2005 Red Team Announces Webcast Event
Red Team Racing

09.27.2005 Desert challenge of the robots
Hindustan Times

09.27.2005 Robots ready to race in Grand Challenge

09.27.2005 Robotic racers getting better and better

09.26.2005 Unmanned vehicles compete in Pentagon's desert challenge
Seattle Times

09.26.2005 Contest's aim: Vehicles that drive themselves
St. Petersburg Times

09.26.2005 Robotic racers getting better and better
pittsburgh Post-Gazette

09.25.2005 Carnegie Mellon, other robot builders, eye $2 million prize

09.22.2005 CMU's robotic Hummer flips in Nevada practice

08.27.2005 Rumble in the Mojave
Union-Tribune Publishing Co.

08.27.2005 Melee in the Mojave
GPS World

08.24.2005 Caterpillar Inc. and Carnegie Mellon Strengthen Team Support To Win 2005 Grand Challenge Desert Race
Red Team Racing

08.13.2005 Cat's Vehicle Of The Future
NBC 25

08.12.2005 Back-seat driver
P J Star

08.09.2005 Robots Move West
Carnegie Mellon University

08.09.2005 CMU's Red team gets ready for next robotic road challenge
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

08.08.2005 Driverless HUMMERS graduate to desert driving
Red Team Racing

07.20.2005 The Carnegie-Mellon Red Team

07.20.2005 Sandstorm Outperforms Pack in DARPA Grand Challenge
All Systems Go

07.18.2005 Caterpillar employees gear up for DARPA robot race
PennWell Corporation

07.16.2005 [ SATIRE ] Androids launch minicab firm
The Register

07.16.2005 Robotic Hummer Sets Speed and Distance Records
Live Science

07.14.2005 Robot car runs 200 miles

07.14.2005 Robot Hummer hits milepost in driverless challenge

07.13.2005 Endurance test for robot Humvee
BBC News

07.13.2005 Sandstorm autonomous Humvee looking good for DARPA Grand Challenge

07.12.2005 Carnegie Mellon's Sandstorm Robot Makes Unprecedented 200-Mile Autonomous Run
Carnegie Mellon University Press Release

06.09.2005 Battlefield robots saving lives, proving their worth in Iraq
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

06.07.2005 Robot racers given the green light
vnunet.com (Netherlands)

06.07.2005 Both CMU entries reach robotic race
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

06.07.2005 CMU robots ready for Grand Challenge
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

06.06.2005 Semifinalists named in $2 million Mojave Desert robot race
San Jose Mercury News

06.06.2005 Grand Challenge 2005 Semifinalists Announced
DARPA Press Release

05.23.2005 Harris Corporation to Support Carnegie Mellon University Red Team In DARPA's Grand Challenge 2005
Harris Corporation Press Release

05.21.2005 Robot vehicle race across Mojave desert coming up
North County Times (San Diego)

05.12.2005 Carnegie Mellon U. robotic vehicle aces test
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

05.06.2005 Driverless Hummer struts its stuff
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

05.06.2005 CMU robot vehicle has eyes (lasers, really) on $2M prize
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

05.05.2005 Robot may get green light today
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

03.07.2005 CMU's Red Team preparing for Grand Challenge, Part II
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

02.09.2005 Whittaker takes robotics where no man can go
USA Today

02.08.2005 Carnegie Mellon's Red Team Seeks Two Million Dollar Robot Racing Prize
Carnegie Mellon University Press Release

09.13.2004 Carnegie Mellon University to use HUMMER H1's in Desert Race
AM General Press Release

09.09.2004 CMU pledges a winner in robot race
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

08.23.2004 Strong interest in next 'Grand Challenge' robot race
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

03.23.2004 DARPA's Grand Challenge proves to be too grand
The Register - London

03.16.2004 Seagate spokesman hails performance in desert robot race
Santa Cruz Sentinel

03.16.2004 Robots Come Up Short in the Grand Challenge
Scientific American

03.15.2004 Not A Single Vehicle Finished This Race
Insider Racing News

03.15.2004 Unmanned Vehicles Race for $1 Million DARPA Prize
IDG.com - Singapore

03.13.2004 DARPA's Desert Duel

03.12.2004 Driverless or dust
The Miami Herald

03.12.2004 Sandstorm's second run a piece of cake
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

03.12.2004 Robot racers almost ready to roll
BBC News

03.11.2004 From medicine to military, machines finally arrive
CNet Asia

03.11.2004 A New Race of Robots Has Seagate 'Driving' Behind the Wheel
The Washington Post

03.10.2004 Robot Vehicle Successfully Navigates Test Course
The New York Times

03.10.2004 Robots to Race Across Mojave Desert (audio interview with Red Whittaker)
National Public Radio - All Things Considered

03.08.2004 Robotic race gets off to rocky start

03.07.2004 Robotic race could lead to robots packing weapons
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

03.05.2004 Teams gear up for million-dollar DARPA robot race
Government Computer News

03.01.2004 The Cannonbot Run

03.01.2004 A New Race of Robots
Scientific American

02.25.2004 Robot Road Warriors: Unmanned Vehicles to Race for $1 Million in DARPA Contest

02.25.2004 Unmanned vehicles in pursuit of $1 million in DARPA contest
USA Today

02.22.2004 CMU the favorite in robot race across Mojave
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

02.18.2004 This Humvee Is Car and Driver

01.07.2004 Carnegie Mellon unveils unmanned truck for $1 million race
The Associated Press

01.07.2004 CMU team's robotic racer getting ready for desert test
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

01.02.2004 DARPA kicks robot challenge into gear

11.19.2003 PR-SCORE/DARPA-INITIAL Team Selection
The Motor Sports Forum

11.15.2003 CMU invited to enter robot race across desert
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

11.01.2003 Defense Department sponsoring a $1M prize, 250-mile cross-country race — for robots
Jewish World Review

10.20.2003 CMU team tackles the nuances of building a robot that 'understands' it is in a race over rough country
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

10.13.2003 Grateful for army robot contest, entrants give tanks
CNet News

10.09.2003 Road Trip for Robots
The New York Times

08.14.2003 Indy know-how to be feature of CMU entry in robot racing
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

08.14.2003 Researchers gear up for $1 million SoCal-Nevada robot race
The Associated Press

07.28.2003 Robot cars rally for desert race
CNet News

04.07.2003 L.A. to Las Vegas off-road race to feature robotic vehicles
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

02.24.2003 A “Grand Challenge” for NASA
The Space Review