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Rapid Design through Virtual and Physical Prototyping

Carnegie Mellon University
Spring 2010

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Manufactured Toys

Section A
Section B

Section A

Not your average skateboard
Zari, Kevin, Brenden

Miniature Airplane
James, Nico, Won

Toy Car
Fedya, Mukul, Michael L.

Big Bad Wooh
Mo, Dan R, Ibuki

Peg Board Machine
Elisha, Devin, Sid

Toy Boat
Jake F., Dan M., Maddie

Section B

Toy Diver
Tammy, Sarah H., Cecily

The Magnetic Slinky Ball
Asa, Kin Hang, Brian

Jocelyn, Ethan

Battle Tetris
James, Rick, Reyes

Fantastic Magnet Toy
Tris, Paul, John, Joshua

Discovery Cube
Kellen, Elizabeth, Eric

Snow Slinger
Michael S., Sarah S., Charles


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