Misc-Read Presentation Order

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Current as of: Jan 16, 2013

These people make up the core group of misc-read, and are expected to present in the following order at weekly meetings. If a person's presentation according to this ordering falls on a day they cannot present, it is their responsibility to find a substitute (or swap with someone else on the list). Please notify the group administrator when such changes occur. It is expected that people will keep up with this schedule and make any necessary changes weeks, not days, ahead of time.

Once everyone has presented, the schedule will simply cycle back to the beginning. Swaps/substitutions for a given cycle should not be considered permanent changes to the ordering.

  1. Daniel Maturana
  2. Gunhee Kim
  3. Kris Kitani
  4. Tomas Simon Kreuz
  5. Leonid Sigal
  6. Carl Doersch
  7. Zhou Yu
  8. Abhinav Shrivastava
  9. Yair Movshovitz-Attias
  10. David Fouhey
  11. Abhinav Gupta
  12. Varun Ramakrishna
  13. Feng Zhou
  14. Dong Huang
  15. Jacob Walker
  16. Hanbyul Joo
  17. Aravindh Mahendran
  18. Maheen Rashid
  19. Xinlei Chen
  20. Ishan Misra
  21. Chia-Yin Tsai
  22. Jian Wang
  23. Minh Vo
  24. Jiaji Zhou
  25. Aayush Bansal
  26. Kumar Shaurya Shankar
  27. Takayuki Iwamoto
  28. Aaron Walsman
  29. Akanksha Saran
  30. Zhizhong Li
  31. Meng Song
  32. Minghao Ruan
  33. Paul Sastrasinh
  34. Krishna Kumar Singh
  35. Gaurav Singh

The following are people not on the "regular" schedule, but who may sometimes present (You may want to try contacting these people -- with plenty of notice!!! -- if you can't present on your day.)

  • Fernando de la Torre
  • Martial Hebert
  • Daniel Huber
  • Srinivasa Narasimhan
  • Yaser Sheikh