Assistant Research Professor in the Robotics Institute, Computer Vision Group at
Carnegie Mellon University

Cooperative Research Fellow in the Institute of Industrial Science at the
University of Tokyo
Jan 2017: Looking for PhD students (Vision+RL, FPV) this year! For those of you who are new to the process: Please be sure to apply to the PhD program FIRST before you contact me.

Short Bio
Assistant Research Professor at CMU (current)
Systems Scientist at CMU (2013-2016)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow at CMU with Martial Hebert and Drew Bagnell (2011-2013)
Jyokyo (Research Associate / Assistant Professor) at UEC Tokyo (2008-2011)
Visiting scholar at UCSD with Serge Belongie (2010)
University of Tokyo (MS 2005, PhD 2008)
Engineer at KLA-Tencor (2000-2003)
University of Southern California (BS, Electrical Engineering 2000)


Research Projects

Current Students
Nicholas Rhinehart (PhD RI)
Cole Gleason (PhD HCII with Jeff Bigham)
Xiaofang Wang (MSRI'17 with Martial Hebert)
Mohit Sharma (MSRI'18)
Arjun Sharma (MSRI'18)
Tanmay Shankar (MSRI'18 with Katharina Muelling)
Xinshuo Weng (MSCV'17 with Yaser Sheikh)
Shangxuan Wu (MSCV'17 with Yaser Sheikh)
Anubhav Ashok (MSCV'17)
Yifan 'Jim' Xing (MSCV'17)
Vincent Liu (BS-ECE'17)
Timothy Brooks (BA-PHIL'17)
Xiang Xu (BS-ECE'18)

Current Research Staff
Dragan Ahmetovic (RI Postdoc with Chieko Asakawa)
Hernisa Kacorri (HCII Postdoc with Chieko Asakawa, Jeff Bigham)
Joao Guerreiro (RI Postdoc with Chieko Asakawa)
Uran Oh (RI Postdoc with Chieko Asakawa)
Dong-hyun Yoo (RI Postdoc)
Eshed Ohn-Bar (RI Postdoc)
Tatsuya Ishihara (RI Research Engineer)
Ryo Yonetani (RI Visiting Professor)

Lab Alumni
Cheng Li (RISS'13 SenseTime Lead Researcher)
Akanksha Saran (MSRI'14 UT Austin PhD)
De-An Huang (MSRI'14 Stanford PhD)
Minghuang Ma (MSRI'15 Apple)
Namhoon Lee (MSCS'15 Oxford PhD)
Rohit Girdhar (MSRI'16 CMU PhD)
Wei-Chiu Ma (MSRI'16 MIT Phd)
Haoqi Fan (MSCV'16 Facebook)
Yu Zhang (MSCV'16 Google X)
Syed Zahir Bokhari (MSCV'16 Facebook)
Yu Fang (Judy) Chang (MSCV'16 Google)
Jonathan Shen (MSCV'16 Google Brain)
Noranart Vesdapunt (MSCV'16 Microsoft Research)
Yubo 'Claire' Zhang (MS-CIV'16)
Wataru Yamazaki (RI-VIS'16 NAIST PhD)