Classes start in the week of August 30, 2021.

This schedule may change throughout the semester. Check back regularly for updates, including assignment deadlines and other important dates.

date topic notes
8/31/21 Introduction intro.pdf
9/2/21 Induction and Recursion Assignment 1 due
9/7/21 Structural Induction and Invariants invariants.pdf
9/9/21 Using Lean I Assignment 2 due
9/14/21 Using Lean II
9/16/21 Propositional Logic I prop.pdf, Assignment 3 due
9/21/21 Propositional Logic II normalforms.pdf
9/23/21 Implementing Propositional Logic I Assignment 4 due
9/28/21 Exam I
9/30/21 Implementing Propositional Logic II
10/5/21 Using SAT Solvers I
10/7/21 Using SAT Solvers II
10/12/21 Deduction and Search I
10/14/21 Mid-semester break (no classes)
10/19/21 Deduction and Search II
10/21/21 Terms and Formulas I
10/26/21 Terms and Formulas II
10/28/21 Implementing Terms and Formulas I
11/2/21 Exam II
11/4/21 Implementing Terms and Formulas II
11/9/21 Using SMT Solvers
11/11/21 First-Order Logic I
11/16/21 First-Order Logic II
11/18/21 Implementing First-Order Logic I
11/23/21 Implementing First-Order Logic II
11/25/21 Thanksgiving (no classes)
11/30/21 Using First-Order Theorem Provers
12/2/21 Simple Type Theory
TBD Final Exam