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RE: GEMS 1.5.10 uploading

Regarding the problem previously reported ie. leaving a started port unattended in either the download or upload consoles resulting in 'Internal Error' - this seems to occur only when the AccuVote is cabled to the host and powered off. 
If you are following up on a previous mail, use the same subject heading with "RE:suject".  You can get this with most mailers by replying to the message.
 A vote center is displayed as having been uploaded in the Upload console even after it has been uploaded, the vote center reset, the Upload console closed and re-opened. 
What does the poster log say?  Did the memory card reset or not?  Rob found a similar problem in Piedmont but I have not been able to reproduce it.  I will try again today, but in the mean time post the steps necessary to reproduce the problem.  Are you saying that you can't ever clear a memory card from GEMS? 
The AccuVote On-line port status does not reset to offline on either the download or upload consoles if the AccuVote is powered off after the port has been started on the console. 
What what the port status before the AV was turned off?   What is the behaviour after it is turned back on?
After successfully programming a memory card the AccuVote is disconnected from the host without disabling the download console.  The Last Message entry for the port times out to 'Lost DSR'. 
Timeout and lost DSR are different errors;  which is it?  If by disconnect the AccuVote you mean unplug the serial cable, then Lost DSR is what I would expect.  It should be the same as turning the unit off.
A vote center is queued for programming with the AccuVote connected to the host and powered on, the AccuVote powered off, the port selected for downloading whereupon 'access denied' is displayed on the console.  I was able to recreate this once, after which I could not seem to recreate the problem.
Sounds like you had two GEMS or upload and download open at the same time.  Reproduce before posting if you are doing systematic testing.  If you come across something like this during normal usage feel free to post for information purposes of course.