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RE: GEMS 1.5.10 uploading

 A vote center is displayed as having been uploaded in the Upload console even after it has been uploaded, the vote center reset, the Upload console closed and re-opened. 
What does the poster log say?  Did the memory card reset or not?  Rob found a similar problem in Piedmont but I have not been able to reproduce it.  I will try again today, but in the mean time post the steps necessary to reproduce the problem.  Are you saying that you can't ever clear a memory card from GEMS? 
Okay, with Rob's help I reproduced this today.  Looks like 1.5.10 and 1.6.1 (unreleased) are both affected;  I don't know about 1.7.1-3 (unreleased) yet.  We will do a public 1.7.x release shortly to correct the problem.  In the mean time stick with 1.5.2.  1.7.x should be safe for consumption when it is released.