15-815 Automated Theorem Proving

Spring 2004
Frank Pfenning
TuTh 10:30-11:50
WeH 4601
12 units

This course provides a thorough, hands-on introduction to automated theorem proving. It consists of a traditional lecture component and a joint project in which we will construct a theorem prover. The lecture component introduces the basic concepts and techniques of logic followed by successive refinement towards more efficient implementations. The basic theorem proving paradigms we plan to cover are tableaux and the inverse method, both of which are applicable to classical and non-classical logics. In addition we will cover equational reasoning and cooperating decision procedures.

Prerequisites: For undergraduates an undergraduate logic course or 15-312. No prerequisites for graduate students.

What's New?

  • (5/5) Final projects are due Thursday, May 6.

Class Material

Schedule Lecture schedule, readings, code
Assignments Details of assignments, due dates, policies
Projects Project information
Handouts Collected handouts

Course Information

Lectures TuTh 10:30-11:50, WeH 4601
Office Hours Wed 2:30-3:30, WeH 8117
Notes There is no textbook, but notes on Automated Theorem Proving and papers will be handed out.
Credit 12 units
Grading 40% Homework, 20% Midterm, 40% Final Project
Homework Weekly homework is assigned each Thursday and due the following Thursday.
Late homework will be accepted only under exceptional circumstances.
Midterm Thu Mar 4, in class.
Closed book.
Final Project Final project topics will be selected after the midterm.
Projects consist of a term paper and an implementation.
Projects are due on Thu May 6
Topics Natural deduction, sequent calculi,
unification, tableaux, inverse method, term indexing,
ordered resolution, cooperating decision procedures
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