15-836 Substructural Logics

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Date Lecture Notes Additional Reading Due

Tue Aug 29 Truth is Ephemeral
Thu Aug 31 From Inference to Logical Connectives

Tue Sep 5 Cut and Identity Elimination [Lambek58]
Thu Sep 7 Proof Terms

Tue Sep 12 Linear Message Passing I lecture5.mps
Thu Sep 14 Linear Message Passing II lecture6.mps

Tue Sep 19 Preservation and Progress
Thu Sep 21 Subtyping lecture8.mps

Tue Sep 26 Validity
Thu Sep 28 A Mixed Linear/Nonlinear Logic

Tue Oct 3 Adjoint Logic
Thu Oct 5 Focusing

Tue Oct 10 Quantifiers
Thu Oct 12 Midterm Exam Sample Solution Exam

Tue Oct 17 Fall Break
Thu Oct 19 Fall Break

Tue Oct 24 Class Cancelled
Thu Oct 26 Semi-Axiomatic Sequent Calculus

Tue Oct 31 Adjoint SAX lecture15.sax
Thu Nov 2 Futures

Tue Nov 7 Democracy Day
Thu Nov 9 Data Layout [DP22]

Tue Nov 14 The Inverse Method
Thu Nov 16 Resource Semantics [RP10]

Tue Nov 21 Project Day (office hours)
Thu Nov 17 Thanksgiving Break

Tue Nov 28 Logical Frameworks
Thu Nov 30 Substructural Logical Frameworks

Tue Dec 5 The Concurrent Logical Framework coin.clf   futures.clf
Thu Dec 7 Linear Natural Deduction (by Sophia Roshal)

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