"It will be found that those who will pay more were the most able to begin with and have the greatest value to others. Their worth as persons is greater."
L. Ron Hubbard, HCO PL 9 May 1965 "Auditing Fees"

Scientology - religion or not?

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1. Introduction

I'm not going to tell you the history of the Church of Scientology here. Others have done better, for example Jon Atack in his books "The Total Freedom Trap: Scientology, Dianetics And L. Ron Hubbard" and "A Piece Of Blue Sky". To put a long story short, I believe that Scientology (founded by L. Ron Hubbard), which originally started in the middle of the century as a self-help movement, has turned into a power- and money-greedy organization. Its ultimate goal is "to clear the planet", that is, to create a society which lives according to Scientology rules.

"What's so frightening about that?" you may ask. After all, the Creed of Scientology doesn't sound that bad. However, it seems that the scriptures of Scientology contain other rules, most of which is not that liberal. In accordance with this, Scientology has developed an extreme dislike of places where its teachings are discussed freely. On the Internet, the place to do this is the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology, established in 1991. To underscore their point, participants often quoted excerpts from Scientology scriptures. The Church did not approve of that and has tried several times to shut down the newsgroup altogether, cancelled single articles with especially offending contents, flooded the newsgroup with nonsense articles and raided homes of posters which have been particularly critical of the church.

The intention of this web page is to provide background information. It does so by presenting various documents. Most of them have been written by participants of alt.religion.scientology, others have been transcribed from printed editions. Many other web pages about Scientology are available, see below.

2. Documents

2.1. Books and Essays

2.2. Discussion of Scientology books

2.3. Affidavits

2.4. Personal accounts of life in Scientology

2.5. Material related to alt.religion.scientology

The newsgroup alt.religion.scientology is dedicated to the discussion of Scientology. It has evolved into a high-traffic newsgroup, with at least 200 new articles daily.

2.6. Other stuff

2.7 Historical pages

These pages are mainly of historical interest.

3. Scientology versus Germany

4. Other places

There are other places with information about the Church of Scientology on the WWW. Most are more or less opposed to the actions of the cult. Some of them can be found in the following list. Have also a look at the Yahoo Scientology page for further sites.

4.1. Pro:

Tilman Hausherr maintains a fairly complete list while I have only a few selected links.

4.2. Free Zone:

The Free Zone, consisting mostly of disaffected Ex-Scientologists, believes in the "Tech" but sells it much cheaper than the Church of Scientology. Scientology is hostile to the Free Zone, calling its members "squirrels".

4.3. Anti:

The complete list of anti-Scientology pages. This list is also posted regularly to alt.religion.scientology. Another list (that also contains one-line descriptions) is irregularly posted by Martin Hunt.

4.4. Search

5. Server stats

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