Church of Scientology International v. Fishman and Geertz

A selection of publicly-available legal documents filed in U.S. District Court, Central District of California.

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New Page: Secrets of Scientology

Click here to learn some of the technical secrets of Scientology, such as thought control techniques and an overpriced lie detector called the E-meter.

The Fishman Papers

The infamous "Fishman Declaration", containing (as exhibits) the secret scriptures of Scientology: the OT materials. OT I through OT VII are once again included, via links to a Karin Spaink's site in Amsterdam. Also on this page are links to some of the affidavits filed in the Fishman case.

Unseal Fishman: Write to the Judge

Now that the trade secret status of the OT materials has been lost (decisions of federal judges Kane and Brinkema in the Wollersheim and Lerma cases), there is no reason for the Fishman Declaration to remain sealed. Write an amicus curiae (friend of the court) letter to Judge Hupp and ask him to unseal the court file:
    Judge Harry L. Hupp
    United States District Court
    Central District of California
    312 North Spring Street
    Los Angeles, California  90012

    Re:  Church of Scientology v. Steven Fishman and Uwe Geertz
    Case Number 91-6426-HLH(Tx)

The ClamBed: Where to Find the Fishman Documents

Welcome to the Clam Bed. This is a page of links to other sites where the OT materials may be found. Over 100 at present. Also contains a "morgue": links that were killed by the Church.

The Fishman and Anti-Fishman Home Pages

The Fight Over the OT Materials

Scientology price list reveal true cost of the Fishman documents. The Ninth Circuit Court's 1994 order remanding the decision on whether to seal the Fishman declaration back to the lower court. An order form to obtain a copy of the Fishman OT filings by mail for $36.50. The lower court's temporary seal order for the Fishman file, issued August 15 1995, and Church lawyer Helena Kobrin's announcement about it. A lawsuit announced against the Washington Post for obtaining and quoting from the Fishman declaration.

The Raids on Arnie Lerma and FACTNet

Arnie Lerma posted the Fishman Declaration to alt.religion.scientology. For his troubles, his house was raided by agents of the Church of Scientology, accompanied by US marshals. The following week, Larry Wollersheim and Bob Penny, the individuals behind FACTNet , were raided.

Attacks on This Web Site

Scientology Fun Page

Humor. Mischief. Theological analysis. And the OT III quiz, levels 1 and 2.

The Two Documents Most Lethal to the Church

These two items are far more damaging than the Fishman Declaration. Read them and you'll know precisely how the Church works. Wakefield's book is touching. Penny's is downright dangerous.

Best Sources of Additional Information

Groups That Combat Religious Cults

The American Family Foundation (AFF) currently operates the best web site on cult-related topics. FACTNet (Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network) was raided by the Church in August, 1995; all its files and computers were seized. They are back on the air now, preparing their defense. FACTNet maintains a huge electronic library of cult documents. These were archived at other sites in anticipation of the raid. CAN (the Cult Awareness Network) has also played an important role in combatting the Church, and has been repeatedly attacked by it. It was finally driven into bankruptcy in 1996.

Church of Scientology's Web Sites

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