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Scientology: religious persecution in Germany?

The U.S.-based Church of Scientology claims "human rights abuses against Scientologists in Germany". The Church alleges that its German members To sum it up, Scientology paints itself as a persecuted religion.

Scientology propaganda against Germany

Documents alleging religious persecution in Germany


The German Federal Government maintains that "Scientology is an organization which has primarily economical interests". This idea has been reinforced by a ruling of the Federal Labour court (which is not connected to the government in any way). After having reviewed several Scientology books, the judges concluded that Scientology is not a religion, but a commercial enterprise.

Furthermore, the German government maintains that Scientology tries to distribute its ideas as widely as possible, ideally leading to a society where humans life together according to Scientology rules. A closer look at Hubbard's writings shows that this is not desirable since Scientology is structured in a totalitarian, anti-democratic fashion. Attempts to establish itself in a leading position in society have taken place in Rhodesia (1966, described by Russell Miller in chapter 15 of "Bare-Faced Messiah"), Corfu (1968, described by Major John Forte in his book The Commodore and the Colonels), and Morocco (1972, described by Russell Miller in chapter 18 of "Bare-Faced Messiah"). More recently, similar attempts were discovered during a raid on the Scientology headquarters in Greece (and Scientology was consequently closed). Possibly, the same has happened in Colombia.

The German constitution on Freedom of Religion

Official German responses to Scientology


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