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First Law FirstLaw.calypso

FirstLaw-page1.pdf FirstLaw-page2.pdf

Explore Cozmo's visual perception, and learn the First Law of Calypso.
Cheeseburger, Fries, Kitty Litter Cheeseburger.calypso Make Cozmo say "cheeseburger", "fries", or "kitty litter" when he sees cubes 1, 2, or 3. Now we have a game: one student can place the cubes however they like. When the game starts, Cozmo should not be looking at anything. Now the second students must drive Cozmo so that he sees the cubes in the correct order. If he says the words correctly, he wins. If he says the words in the wrong order, or repeats a phrase, he loses. Robot drivers should remember that they can tilt Cozmo's head up or down (with the right stick) to keep him from seeing something while they turn him.
Addition Game AdditionGame.calypso Red cubes add 5; blue cubes subtract 2. Try to make the target number. Teaches use of scores.
Apple Harvest AppleHarvest.calypso Gather up the apples and bring them back to the collection point. Illustrates the Pursue and Consume idiom; use of custom markers.
Cozmo's Shack Wall39.pdf
Construct a shack for Cozmo to navigate through. Teaches use of walls, rooms, and the "visit" and "visiting" tiles for landmark-based navigation and path planning.

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