Calypso Curriculum

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Setup Instructions

Module 1: Perception

Module 2: Teleoperation

Module 3: Pursuit and the First Law

Module 4: Pursue and Consume; The Second Law

Module 5: Say/Play/Express, and "Once Is Enough"

Module 6: Conflict Resolution; The Third Law

Module 7: Default Value

Module 8: Recognizing Faces

Module 9: Indented Rules and The Fourth Law

Module 10: State Machines

Module 11: Speech and Hearing

Module 12: Time

Module 13: Logic

Module 14: Multiple characters

Module 15: Randomness

Example Programs

Keep-Away Game described in the video tutorial.

Other Resources

Custom markers for printing on 2 inch adhesive labels.

ArUco markers for making walls.

New Brighton Curriculum



Laws of Calypso

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Calypso Flashcards

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Calypso Videos

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