Dave Eckhardt's Research Interests

Areas of Interest

Collaboration Available

While my primary focus at present is on teaching, I am interested in working with students on projects in the following areas:

Completed Projects

Membership on committees of completed thesis projects



Ph.D. Dissertation

In May of 2002 I defended my Ph.D. dissertation, titled An Internet-style Approach to Managing Wireless Link Errors. Briefly, I investigated some of what must be done to extend the "Internet experience" across error-prone wireless links. In particular, I argued that protocol-blind link-level adaptive error control is the right solution for bursty packet errors. I then proposed a new notion of fairness for flows traversing noisy links, effort-limited fairness (ELF), which ensures sensible outcomes in response to link capacity loss. Evaluation was based on replaying bit-level error traces past a prototype implementation running in a NetBSD kernel.

Credit Net

Many moons ago, I was part of the Credit Net project.

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