picture of Dave Eckhardt

Dr. David A. Eckhardt

Associate Teaching Professor
Computer Science Department
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
(Also Associate Teaching Professor by Courtesy, Electrical and Computer Engineering)

See my [New!] MSCS advising page or my undergraduate advising page.
Teaching (Spring 2016)
Letters of reference
Please see my policy before requesting one.
Admissions to CMU (also, summer internships)
I can provide insight, but am not directly involved in admissions.
7717 GHC (Hillman Center, 7th floor, overlooking Forbes Avenue)
Mailing address
CMU CSD/6105 GHC, 5000 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh PA 15213-3891 (do not omit the first line)
Students in my classes will receive the most rapid answers to their questions if they follow the guidance provided by the class syllabus--most mail should go to the staff mailing list instead of to me. My advisees should start with my advising information page. If you are trying to contact me about something that is not related to advising or teaching, you can obtain my general-purpose e-mail address by contacting my robot receptionist at davide+receptionist@cs.cmu.edu.
Voting machines

Apparently I'm embroiled in a voting-machine controversy. Here's a quick summary: The Adventures of Citizen Michael C. Robertson

Research interests
Operating systems, Networks (see my research synopsis)
Erdös number
I believe my Erdös number is 5.
Various web pages here and elsewhere.

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