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Welcome to the Chartiers Valley/Carnegie Mellon 2004 Middle School Cognitive Tutor Summer Program!

The Summer Program

  • Program information will be posted on this website, and we will be posting solutions to technical problems on the website as they arise.
  • Send e-mail to alps@cs.cmu.edu to contact the support team.

Getting Started

  • Install the cognitive tutor on your home computer, and
  • Try running the cognitive tutor and logging in.
Please send e-mail to us when you successfully complete BOTH steps or if you have problems completing them.

1. Installing the Cognitive Tutor

To install the tutor on your home computer: To put the shortcuts to the Cognitive Tutor on your desktop: If you have any problems with installing, email us.

2. Starting the Tutor and Logging In

When you successfully login the first time the first tutor problem will appear: first tutor problem
Once you've reached this point, please send e-mail to alps@cs.cmu.edu to let us know you're successfully underway.

The Using the Cognitive Tutor handout contains information on completing the problems.

End of the Summer

When school starts in the fall, you should
  • Copy your tutor record files to the blank floppy disk in the program packet, and
  • Return the CD and floppy disk to Chartiers Valley Middle School by Friday, August 27th.

1. Copying your Tutor Record Files to the Floppy Disk

  • Please WRITE YOUR NAME on the cardboard floppy disk envelope, but NOT on the floppy disk.
  • Double-click in the Save Protocals to Floppy Disk icon on your desktop.
  • Follow the program instructions that appear - Please insert the disk we gave you in drive A:, and press the Y key when ready.
This copying may take a while (perhaps 10 minutes). Please wait, the program will tell you when the copying is complete.
If you have any problems, e-mail alps@cs.cmu.edu.

2. Returning the Disks

Please bring the Cognitive Tutor CD and the floppy disk to your Homeroom Teacher by Friday, August 27th. You can return them in the small envelope in the summer program packet. After you've turned in your disks, we'll send instructions on uninstalling (deleting) the cognitive tutor program.

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