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Downloading the ALPS Tutor Update

To use the ALPS version of the tutor, you must have: If you have all of those things and you want to use ALPS, you should download ALPS Algebra Cognitive Tutor.

Step 1: Completing the Download Form

Once you have clicked on the link to download the ALPS Algebra Cognitive Tutor, the first step is to complete the download form. When you click on the link for the form, a browser window will request your name and email address. Please be sure to enter your email address if you have one. Once you have entered your information, you can click the Register button.

Step 2: Downloading Your Update

To download and install the update: After installing, you will be able to use your ALPS Algebra Cognitive Tutor. Please refer to the Solving Algebra Problems with the Cognitive Tutor handout for help getting started, as well as the following handouts: General Instructions, Using the ALPS Video Tutor, and Using the Cognitive Tutor.

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