Srinivasa Narasimhan
Principal Investigator
My research interests are in computer vision and computer graphics. Primarily, I am interested in developing physics-based models and algorithms for scene interpretation in vision and real-time rendering of physical effects in graphics.
Robert Tamburo
Project Scientist
Minh Vo
PhD Student
Joe Bartels
PhD Student
Chao Liu
PhD Student
My research focuses on solving the inverse problems in vision using physical constraints and optimization methods. More specifically, I'm interested in 3D reconstructions under challenging real-world conditions, such as occlusion, scattering and small baselines (between light sources or cameras).
Tiancheng Zhi
PhD Student
Shumian Xin
PhD Student
N Dinesh Reddy
PhD Student
Supreeth Achar
Alumni (PhD Student, now at Google)
Subhagato Dutta
Alumni (MS Student)
Vinay Palakkode
Alumni (MS Student)
Feng Yang
Alumni (Post Doctoral Researcher, now at Google Research)
Abhishek Chugh
Alumni (MS Student, now at Google)
Vivek Umapathi
Alumni (MRSD Student, now at Takata)
Yuandong Tian
Alumni (PhD Student, now at Google[X])
Yu Sheng
Post-doc (Alumni, now at Robert Bosch)
Raoul de Charette
Visiting PhD Student (Alumni)
Peter Barnum
PhD Student (Alumni, now at Anki)
I am interested in using computer vision to solve real world problems, both for human assistive devices, as well as autonomous robotic applications. Specifically, I am currently focused on scene understanding and systems that assist drivers.
Jean-Francois Lalonde
PhD Student (Alumni, now Assistant Professor, Laval University)
Mohit Gupta
PhD Student (Alumni, now Research Scientist, Columbia University)
My research interests are in Physics-based Computer Vision and Graphics. In particular, I am interested in understanding how light interacts with participating media (ocean water, smoke, dust etc.) and the resulting effects on the image formation process. Most of the current robot-vision algorithms assume 'perfect-weather' conditions. Hence, they tend to break down in presence of imperfect weather conditions like fog, mist etc. By modeling the interaction of light with such participating media, I want to be able to make vision algorithms robust even to bad weather and underwater scenarios.
Chenyu Wu
PhD Student (Alumni, now at Epson Research)
My research interests focus on computer vision and graphics based medical applications, especially on computer assisted minimally invasive surgury. I am advised by Branislav Jaramaz and Srinivasa Narasimhan and working with the team in ICAOS.
Sanjeev J. Koppal
PhD student (Alumni, now Assistant Professor, UFL ECE)
My research interests span all combinations of lights, cameras and computers for application in vision and graphics. Specifically my work has three areas of focus. First, modeling a scene's visual appearance to find physics-based invariants for data-driven and learning algorithms. Second, applying active illumination to recover geometry and create novel visual experiences. Third, exploiting vision algorithms and psychophysics techniques to create, enhance and edit stereographic content.
Shuntaro Yamazaki
Post-doc Visitor (Alumni, now at AIST, Japan)
My research interests are in the area of the 3D scene modeling, image processing and computer graphics. My current project is on image-based scene modeling using volume representation. The current target of modeling is individual human hair for the purpose of photorealistic image synthesis, although we can generalize the method to a broader scope.
Shreyas Venugopalan
Shreyas Venugopalan
Masters Student (Alumni, now PhD at CMU ECE)
You Jia
You Jia
Masters Student (Alumni, now at Facebook)
Xiaowei Zhu
Masters Student (Alumni)
Ji Hyun
Ji Hyun Lee
CMU undergraduate Student (Alumni)
Eric Butler
Eric Butler
Undergraduate Student (Alumni, now MS at CMU CSD)
Jennifer Turken
Jennifer Turken
Administrator (Alumni, now in San Diego)