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Special Events

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  • Awesome Graphic Demos!
  • Retro Computer Games!
  • Talks and Workshops!

 Are you interested in computer graphics, computer history, or video games?

Join in Friday-Saturday, November 10-11, for Demosplash, North America's largest computer graphics demoparty!  Demosplash caters both to newcomers to the demoscene as well as established artists. We run demos live on original (historic) hardware as much as humanly possible, offering a viewing experience that can't be matched by emulators or recordings. In addition to screenings, we feature a variety of events, including tech talks, workshops, and open retro gaming. Stop by for video games, vintage computers, and tons of awesome graphics demos! 

REGISTRATION is now open! 

Email us at if you are interested in helping.

For More Information, Please Contact: 
Catherine Copetas,