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"Why can't we be more like them?"

The Onion:
Ah, memories... we here at SurReview can still remember fond childhood days of paging through Betty Page-laden issues of "The Onion" back in the fifties. The taste of a good vanillia malt still brings it all back. And now, on the net: The Onion. Inspirational news and hijinks from our hometown, and their "The Onion recommends..." section was a formative influence on SurReview.

Ad Age:
We here at SurReview can only dream of being as effective at molding public perceptions of reality as Madison Avenue. Here's the online site of the marketing industry's trade journal, spewing out both breaking news and longer features. Very educational, and entertaining as well.

Straining frantically to play Lex Luthor to Ad Age's Superman, Adbusters is a heroic but probably futile attempt to turn the strengths of the all-devouring media marketing gestalt against itself. The Media Foundation takes itself a little too seriously, and has a streak of Luddism a little too large, for us here at SurReview to swallow their philosophy whole; but they are a seminal force in culture jamming. One wonders how long can it be before the establishment expropriates the techniques of adbusters and starts using the Media Foundation's parodies of old ad campaigns as materials for new ad campaigns?

You wouldn't think that there would be two ezines dedicated cheerfully to spreading disinformation, would you? Sort of like SurReview's handsomer, funnier, more popular older brother.

Everything connected to Negativland you'd ever want, and rants on intellectual property issues as well. Negativland should be heroes to us all.

The Larry Sanders Show:
Not a great website, but it's SurReview's favorite show.

Corona's Coming Attractions:
A clearing house for rumors about upcoming movies; cool not so much because it's accurate (which it is), but because of the rumors that turn out not to be true -- tantalizing glimpses of rejected casting choices, story outlines, and movies that will never be.

No one walks the fine line between snotty outrageousness for its own sake and just plain good writing like Mr. Koyen, sole proprietor of Crank. This is the online site to the print zine.

Sputnik's Hoaxes Page:

Museum of Jurassic Technology:
Why did they take away the X-Ray bats?