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"What were we thinking?"

Astro City
Superheroes through the looking glass.

Children's nightmares brough to life and ... puppets.

Game Show Channel Failed Pilots
Cooks and Storytellers both go nuts on cable.

Under the Skin: A Graham Stamets Retrospective
Better art through Ebola.

Fall 97 TV Preview
Chimp optometrists, everybody's favorite Beetle, and wasting away in Mescalitoland

Drugs: Limp, Sting, & Yohimbe
Sex, drugs, and anemones.

FleshPuppets.Com & Www.Frantana.Com
Telefucking and Russian amputees.

The Monkey's Paws
Classic horror covered by modern masters.

I Love Ester
Not the woman, the smell.

Beavis & Butt-head Extravaganza
Modern theater and self-help

College Fiction Journal
Why should the musicians get all the groupies?

Cleaning House for Dummies
Next time, you'll know which rifle to take up to the Bell Tower with you.

"The Man"
Those wacky cops.

Better reviews through technology.

MTV's Make Jenny a Star!
Won't you single Jenny McCarthy out to become the next Elizabeth Berkley?

Shut Up, Little Man
With neighbors like this, who needs enemies?

The Barbie Disinformation Organization
Barbie's descent into blasphemy in a few easy stickers.

Pixelporn: The Pixelvision Pornographic Film Festival
Kiddie-cam porn

The Island of Dr. Engar
The most disturbing computer game ever?

Space Station Liberty
The Donna Reed Show in the Gernsback continuum

Weather the Cuckoo Likes
Role-playing and Dada collide

Generation +: For the Contemporary Christian Slacker
Even Jesus had a McJob until he was 27

The Trystero Corporation
The Watergate plumbers of internet marketing

Ancient Sufi wisdom via modern linguistics

The next subgenre of horror?

Quick wit, media/web-gestalt saviness, and a bad attitude