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Copyright © 1997
James D Thomas


"When did it all start to go horribly wrong?"

Have you ever felt like something's missing, existentially speaking?

Have you ever felt that reality isn't properly exploiting its core competences?

Have you ever been disappointed to remember that your hallucinations didn't actually exist?

Then read SurReview. We review anything we think is imporant and interesting, from pop culture entities like movies, music, books, role-playing games, to more abstract ideas like religions, politicians, art movements, ethnic groups, anything. So? Well, SurReview doesn't limit itself to that irritating constraint called reality. Sometimes we review things that actually do exist; more often, we only wish they did.

Submissions are welcome. Email for submissions guidelines, although reading some of the reviews is probably good enough.

--james d thomas, media construct-in-chief

We love to hear from people. Really.


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P.S. A note to lawyers: Although any use of copyrighted material is intended for use in satirical or review purposes and so falls under the doctrine of "fair use" in copyright law, I still run home to check my mail every day, hoping to get my first cease-and-desist letter.