School of Computer Science Application to Transfer or Pursue a Dual Degree


  • Fill out the form linked below. Fields with a red asterisk are required.
  • Upload an essay that explains why you want to transfer or pursue the dual degree, indicating your interest in and experience with the specific major discipline. Suggested essay length for all majors is one to two pages. Your essay should be double-spaced in Times New Roman 12. Include your full name and Andrew ID in the document header and save the document with your Andrew ID (i.e. acarnegie1-SCS-Transfer-Essay.pdf). Failure to follow this format could result in your application not being evaluated.
  • Prepare a sample academic audit in Stellic for the major you're applying for. Give Kaleigh Mitchell permission to view that audit.
  • Completed applications to transfer may be submitted at any time during the semester until mid-semester break. Mid-semester grades are pulled for each applicant. There is no need to wait for the mid-semester grades to apply.

Transfer Deadlines

Fall Semester: Friday Before Fall Break.
Spring Semester: Friday Before Spring Break.
Summer Semester: Last Day of Summer Two Session.


We recommend that you meet with the person for each program indicated below at least once to discuss your interest, review the requirements for transfer or dual degree and ask any questions you may have. Email or visit the person’s webpage to set up an appointment.