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Transfer Guidelines


At this time, the BSAI program cannot accept transfers from outside the School of Computer Science. Students cannot transfer into the Computer Science or Computational Biology Departments and then request transfer into the AI program. There are also currently no AI dual-degree, double major or minor options.

Transferring Into the AI Program Within SCS

Students who have already declared computer science or computational biology majors in the School of Computer Science may transfer to the AI program no earlier than the spring semester of their sophomore year. First-year students will have the opportunity to be considered for the AI major during the SCS major declaration process in March of their first year.

To transfer, students must:

  • Have successfully completed 15-281 or 15-381 — AI: Representation and Problem Solving, and 10-315: Introduction to Machine Learning. (A mid-semester grade is acceptable for one of them).
  • Submit an essay of two to four pages describing their interest in, and experience with, artificial intelligence.
  • Complete the Internal Transfer Form, and submit it, along with their essay and unofficial transcript, to the BSAI Director Reid Simmons.

Note that 07-180: Concepts of AI will be waived for all transfers.

The decision to allow for transfer will be made based on the student's performance in the AI core courses, the submitted essay, an optional personal interview and the space available in the student’s class level. Note that the capacity of the AI program is limited and transfer into the program is not guaranteed. Students should continue to make progress in their current major and discuss their plans with their academic advisor carefully in the event that a transfer is not possible. Prior to submitting a transfer request, students should first consult with Reid Simmons, director of the AI program.

Deadlines for 2019-2020

  • Fall Semester: October 18, 2019
  • Spring Semester: March 6, 2020
  • Summer Semester: August 6, 2020

If you have any questions, contact the AI undergraduate program.