Transfer and Dual Degree Guidelines


Information for Current SCS Students

Students who have already declared computer science, computational biology or human-computer interaction majors in the School of Computer Science may transfer to the AI program no earlier than the spring semester of their sophomore year. Transfer can be initiated at any time after the conditions below are met. This does not apply to first-year undeclared students, who will have the opportunity to be considered for the AI major during the SCS major declaration process in March of their first year.

To transfer, students must:

  • Have successfully completed AI: Representation and Problem Solving (15-281) and Introduction to Machine Learning (10-315). A mid-semester grade is acceptable for one of them.
  • Complete the Internal Transfer Form, including an essay of 1-2 pages describing their interest in, and experience with artificial intelligence.

The decision to allow for transfer will be made based on the student's performance in the AI core courses and the submitted essay. Prior to submitting a transfer request, students should first consult with their current advisor and Reid Simmons, the BSAI director.

Note that Concepts in AI (07-180) will be waived for all transfers.

If you have any questions, contact the AI undergraduate program.

Information for Non-SCS Students

Students interested in transferring into the AI program from a CMU college other than SCS must be in at least the spring semester of their sophomore year, maintain at least a 3.0 QPA, and have completed the six courses below (some of which have options) with at least a 3.6 cumulative QPA in those courses.

  • Probability: one of 36-225, 21-325, 36-218 or 15-259.
  • Principles of Imperative Computation: 15-122.
  • Principles of Functional Programming: 15-150.
  • AI: Representation and Problem Solving: 15-281.
  • Introduction to Machine Learning: 10-315.
  • Sophomore-level CS course: one of 15-210, 15-213 or 15-251.

Students interested in transferring to artificial intelligence or pursuing a dual degree should first make an appointment for an initial consultation with the undergraduate program director, Reid Simmons. Students should then apply for transfer using SCS's online transfer form by the mid-semester break in the semester when the last of the six required courses will be completed. Students should use the same form when applying for a dual degree. In the case of courses in progress, mid-semester grades will be used in the QPA calculation. The transfer and dual degree application includes a two-to-four-page, double-spaced essay that indicates your interests and any previous experience in AI beyond coursework. The decision to allow transfer will be made by a committee with the advice of the associate dean for undergraduate programs based on the student’s academic performance in the specified courses (and in their courses overall if necessary); the essay; and space availability in the student’s class level. Students should consult the SCS undergraduate office for up-to-date information concerning minimum requirements, instructions and deadlines.

Transfer into the BSAI program is not guaranteed, and students should continue to make progress in their current major and discuss their plans with their academic advisor carefully in the event that a transfer is not possible.

Note that Concepts in Artificial Intelligence (07-180) will be waived for all transfers, although students interested in transferring to AI are encouraged to take 07-180 prior to taking 15-281 or 10-315 to get a general overview of the AI field. (10-301 taken prior to fall 2022 will be accepted also.) 

Application Deadlines for Non-SCS Students
  • Fall semesterFriday, Oct. 20Mid-semester break (last Friday of first half of the semester)
    Spring semesterFriday, March 10 —Mid-semester break (last Friday of first half of the semester)
    Summer semesterFriday, Aug. 4 —Last Friday of the Summer All session

If you have any questions, contact the AI undergraduate program.