Blue Guys



Who's the blue guy in the banner?

   Not to be confused with one of the members of the totally righteous Blue Man Group, this blue guy is my friend George - well, actually it's an early version of George, the 3D articulated figure I created originally for use in my inverse kinematics animation system.  He has made starring appearances in the course lectures I gave for the Physically Based Modelling and Motion Editing courses at SIGGRAPH 1995 and 1999, respectively, and has graduated to more challenging roles in my thesis research.

   Since the time I made this banner several years ago, George has acquired a neck, movable shoulders, (currently) immobile thumbs and facial features, and slightly different proportions.   At 49 degrees of freedom, he is capable of performing most actions a human can (except when it comes to use of the hands).  You can catch a more current look at him in the animations on my art page.