"Meow!" - Merle the cat girl from Vision of Escaflowne    This is Merelu (Merle), a character from the Japanese anime Vision of Escaflowne.  I liked this anime, and, in particular, her character, so much that I was inspired to draw her.  I drew this working from a tiny line drawing in the Memories of Gaea book (an art book about the anime), and colored it in Photoshop.  Isn't she the cutest?  Her seiyuu (voice actress) also has one of the most endearing voices I've ever heard. 
Copyright (C) 1999 F. Sebastian Grassia

Art of the Electron

   Merelu, done recently, was the first time I've picked up a pencil with creative intent in many years. So while I'm not incredibly active in the traditional arts, I do occasionally allow myself to put down the Emacs and express myself.   I spend most of my work time creating tools that will hopefully allow people to create meaningful and pleasing 3D artwork on a computer -- ultimately without the need for a strong background in traditional arts.

   Since much of my creative juice goes into making these tools, I get a real high out of occasionally actually trying to create with them!   Here are some of those efforts.

Still Compositions

   These images were created using Jabka, a procedural modeling and rendering system conceived by Donald House and developed by him, myself, and others while I was an undergrad at Williams College back in the early 90's. 
The M-inator         
An art project         

Copyright (C) 1993 F. Sebastian Grassia


   Since coming to graduate school, animation has become my deep and abiding interest, both as a research topic and as an endless object of viewing appreciation.   I'm a huge fan of (most) Disney animation, Pixar, PDI, Hayao Miyazaki, and many other Japanese creators of anime.

   The following animation doesn't have much merit in terms of the most important criterion of judging animation -- evoking an emotional response from the viewer -- but it does have the virtue of being the first animation ever created by me, using my inverse kinematics animation system.  And boy was it fun! More, much cooler animations coming soon, so stay tuned.

hi jump thumbnail movie thumbnail, 30 fps enlarged (260K zipped) 
Copyright (C) 1998 F. Sebastian Grassia