Actually, that shouldn't be plural yet, since I only have one publication so far.  I'm really excited about it, tho.  It appears in the journal of graphics tools , and provides everything you need to understand and use the exponential map to parameterize rotations for a number of uses in graphics and animation.  The offical page for the paper, with abstract, is  here , and below is a citation. . 

F. Sebastian Grassia. Practical Parameterization of Rotations Using the Exponential Map. Journal of Graphics Tools, 3(3):29-48, 1998

   Additionally, many people have asked me for the course notes and reprints from the SIGGRAPH course I lectured at in 1999 and 2000, Motion Editing: Principles, Promise, Practice. I don't have the updated 2000 version on hand at the moment, but the 1999 versions can be found here (the reprints are the same).