Carnegie Mellon University
Robotics Institute

VASC Seminar

Time: Monday 3:30-4:30pm
Place: 2nd floor Smith Hall commons area

1999 VASC Seminar Schedule

1/27Gaurav Sukhatme
3D Mobile Robot Localization using a Smoother-based Technique
2/15Frank Dellaert
CMU Robotics Institute
Vision-Based Monte Carlo Localization using Large Scale Ceiling Mosaics
3/1 Ronen Basri
Weizmann Institute, Israel
Object Recognition with Regions
3/15 Liang Zhao
CMU Robotics Institute
Stereo and Neural Network-Based People Detection
3/22Mark Holler
Intel Corporation
Computer Vision on sub $1000 PCs with Video Conferencing Cameras
4/5 Illah Nourbakhsh
CMU Robotics Institute
The Toy Robotics Initiative
4/12 Daniel Morris
CMU, Robotics Institute
Uncertainty Modeling for Optimal Structure from Motion
4/19Michael Greenspan
Carleton and NRC, Canada
Geometric Probing in Dense Range Data
Ellen Hughes, Mike Christel, and Jayshree Ranka
The Informedia Digital Video Library Project
4/26 Tucker Balch
CMU C.S. Dept.
Controlling Large-scale Multirobot Teams
Ramin Zabih
Cornell University
Fast Energy Minimization for Computer Vision via Graph Cuts
5/17Jim Crowley
INRIA-Grenoble, France
Description and Matching of the Local Appearance Manifold
6/7 Takeo Kanade
CMU Robotics Institute
Good Work AND Good Presentation: Is it too much to ask

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