Testimony of Police Brutality Across the Nation

Police brutality is rampant across the country, especially against minorites and working-class people. Click below to see just a few more examples of police brutality:

Hampton, VA
New York State
Los Angeles
Cambridge, Mass.
More Pittsburgh
An Op-ed on Jonny Gammage.
Ann Arbor.
New York City
D.O.J. to Investigate Pittsburgh. City Controller's Audit on Police Brutality in Pittsburgh. Uniontown, PA,
Indianapolis. Georgia. Mississippi.
St. Petersburg. Montreal. Chicago.
Amnesty New York Report. Rockford, IL. Sacramento, CA.
Palm Beach, FL. Testilying in LA. Dearborn, MI
Officer behind bars in Phili Testilying in New York Epidemic in the Bay Area
Russell County, Alabama.