by Del Jones, War Correspondent

"If your activities become public the commissioner will disavow any knowledge of your activities."

This seems to be the policy the wild Philly police force have been acting on. The 39th Police District has been going buck wild terrorizing the community, now they stand in front of the judges who are pretending to not know what time it is.

Edith Miller, Betty Patterson and Christine West, a community activist, were among the 60 people released after being framed by the punk patrol who fed on our people.

"Stinking Buzzards" Miller called them as she told of her arrest and torture at the hand of the system's barbaric hit men. She was, like the others, falsely convicted by a corrupt court system.

"They beat me when I was arrested. They took me in this room and started breaking off my fingernails, telling me to tell them about different people selling drugs in my neighborhood."

Naturally, there has been no community outrage. We remain apathetic as occupation forces terrorize our community.

The city claims they are not responsible for these zealous punks. Imagine our women are at the mercy of deadly blue bandits and a system that kidnaps them from the 'Hood and we are chillin' - scared to defend them. It's the punk principle.

Miller lost her property and the respect of family members. In disgrace she cried in her cell every night before being released after over two years locked-down.

Our people are locked in a vise of anti-Afrikan oppression. This must end! This genocidal madness must be arrested, locked up, & destroyed forever!

From DREAD TIMES - Winter in Amerikkka '96 Issue

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